I think there is much more
that strawberries can do.

Tamana City with ichigolus
Located in Yokoshima, Tamana City, a reclaimed town facing the Ariake Sea, the difference in temperature makes strawberries grow deliciously.
In addition, the soil rich in minerals makes strawberries delicious.
The place where you can fully enjoy the blessings of the sun and the sea is the hometown and origin of ichigolus.

ichigolus's commitment points
Before the rising sun, carefully harvested one by one when the temperature is low,
It is carefully packed with a film that wraps softly like a cradle.
We will do everything from harvesting to sorting and packing on the same day.
You can enjoy freshly picked food! ,

What is ichigolus The company name Strawberry Las is
It has the meaning of "plus: family conversation / smile" and "living: living with strawberries".
When strawberries are delicious, smiles increase. The more smiles you have, the more happy you become.

Strawberries have many possibilities!

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